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Pack x 4 Orgono Sports Recovery Supplement Organic Silica + Glycine

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ORGONO SPORTS RECOVERY SUPPLEMENT: Joint problems, tendonitis, traumas. Product recommended for athletes with joint problems, tendonitis and injuries. Its active ingredients are organic silicon, twice times more concentrated than the G5/ORGONO LIVING SILICA, and glycine, which both contribute to the protection and regeneration of joints as evidenced by recent work of international scientists.

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Orgono Sports Recovery Supplement 1L
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ORGONO SPORTS RECOVERY SUPPLEMENT Amino acid GLYis a basic amino acid in our body, which occurs in natural but small quantities leading to the misnomer "non-essential amino acid" due to it being produced naturally rather than requiring Oral consumption and not relating to its importance. According to research pioneered by leading university biochemist, Dr. Enrqiue Melendez, the body is always deficient in this amino acid. Amino acid GLYassists in the collage creation process which improves and prevents negative issues with joints. Glycine also helps to restore muscle loss (catabolism) and at the same time to prevent contractions and muscle problems. Amino acid GLY is also essential for the natural synthesis of creatine, which helps to increase strength and muscle recovery; ATP production and direct energy storage in muscle. Within the world of sports tendons and joints are subjected to very aggressive and traumatic impacts, organic silicon with amino acid GLY helps protect and restore joints. The combination works towards lubrication and regrowth of stressed cartilage. At the same instance, Orgono Sports Recovery Supplement is very important lactic threshold and anaerobic training and uses the amino acid GLY to blocks apoptosis (cell death) and therefore oxygenated the blood. PACKACKING: 1000 ml Bottles. After a month open, keep in the refrigerator. INGREDIENTS: Purified water, amino acid GLY, silicic acid, horsetail herb (Equisetum arvense L.), rosemary (as a preservative). HOW TO USE: Condition of trauma, tendinitis, injuries, etc..: 90 ml servings per day. INJURY PREVENTION: 15-30 ml servings per day of the workout session. Ideally spacing morning than evening. Adjust as per schedule. Take 10 minutes before meals.